Worlds 2021: T1 Teddy Motivated Thanks To Cloud9 Perkz Comments

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T1 Teddy is ready to put on a show…

With Worlds around the corner, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong decided to share his thoughts in an interview with Invenglobal. During the interview, he spoke on some of his motivations and it turns out that some choice words from Cloud9 mid-laner Luka “Perkz” Perković are keeping him at the top of his game. This could be the start of a scary rivalry amongst the two teams but the stars will have to align for these two teams to even meet.

According to T1’s starting bot laner, one of his main motivations to put on a show at Worlds is because according to Perkz ‘T1 is a free win.’ He’s quoted saying that because of the statement made he “has to do well…”

Lighting a fire under T1 wouldn’t be the smartest move someone’s ever done. Although they’re not the super team of old it’s important to note that they elevated to another level just recently to capture the LCK crown.

Teddy’s been in a tug of war for his position with Gumayusi often getting rotated in and out of the lineup during the previous split. But, maybe these words could inspire some really great play from T1s bot lane to compliment the god Faker in the mid-lane and fearless Oner in the jungle.

Perkz is in a particularly tough position and while his confidence is on the money it’s severely misplaced. Right now there’s still no guarantee Cloud9 even makes it into the group stage, they’ll have to start from the bottom and work their way out of the play-in. Though they did turn it on in the LCS Championship Tournament we can’t forget the less than stellar Summer Split they had just recently. Perkz might need to hold off on the smack talk for now.

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