LCS 2021: Should TSM FTX Be On The Hunt For A New Bot Laner?

Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games.
Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games. /

Is it time for a new ADC on TSM FTX?

News recently broke that TSM would be bringing back Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg to the lineup as their starting mid laner. This move would lead us to believe that the franchise is in ‘Win Now’ mode and with that being the case do they correct the areas where they’ve had deficiencies in the past split most notably in the Bot lane.

Their current bot laner Lawrence “Lost” Sze Yuy Hui, is often thought of as a young player with a ton of dormant potential. He’s had a lot of success in the minor leagues, but that success hasn’t translated in his second stint in the LCS, at least not individually. It’s been a rough entrance for Lost and if he doesn’t sharpen up it might be time to think of going in a new direction.

Adding Bjergsen to the roster is enough to take them over the top in the LCS but to compete on the International level they’ll need a solid effort from the entire group. While Lost is “new” to the LCS and is a young man compared to most of his competition. He’s been on the pro scene for 8 years now and there is the possibility that he’s hit or sits close to his ceiling right now. TSM doesn’t expect anyone to replicate the greatness of Doublelift, but so far what we’ve seen has been considerably below average.

If they were to make a move for another bot laner, taking into account the cache TSM has along with the money that’s in the NA scene there are a couple of players they could aim for.

With the recent disfunction in the G2 camp making a play for Martin “Rekkles” Larsson wouldn’t be a bad move. He’s expressed in the past a want to team up with Bjergsen on TSM along with the former teammate connection between him and Huni from their days on Fnatic.

Former best ADC in the world Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao wouldn’t be a bad pickup either. After stepping away from competitive because of health issues he announced back in June that his return will happen next season. While he did target specifically a return to the LPL, maybe TSM FTX could entice him to come across the waters and play in the LCS. Just to add, him on the roster would be absolute overkill.

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There’s no telling what other moves TSM will make this offseason, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in some cases. The bot lane struggles they’ve faced in 2021 could plague them this coming season. If the goal is a top 3-4 Worlds finish like upper management expects just about every year this has to be addressed.