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Tyler1 recently became a big topic of discussion in the LoL community for being featured on the League of Legends official Twitter page. Right now, Tyler1 is one of the most notable streamers in the League of Legends community. However, while that’s been the case for a very long time the reason behind his notoriety has taken a drastic turn over the years. If you aren’t too familiar with who Tyler1 is here’s the story behind the most REFORMED Player NA.

Tyler1’s history with the game League of Legends is a tumultuous one. In the early days of the game, he gained notoriety by being an extremely toxic player. Clips would go viral of his Twitch stream for moments of him griefing players and raging during games. Eventually, Riot stepped in and permaban him from the platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Riot permabans accounts here’s how they got Tyler1 off the platform. Normally if a player’s account is banned they would lose their profile but technically still be able to play under a new name starting from 0. In the case of Tyler1, his ID was banned so not only did he lose the main account he also lost his smurfs as well and couldn’t create any more new profiles.

It took some time but eventually Tyler1 reformed his attitude and completely rebranded himself as an online personality. Fans actually began to campaign for him to get his profile back and eventually it worked. Seeing this and noticing how big of an online presence he had Riot was all but forced to give him back his account. The attention he would bring to the game would be massive given his longstanding history with it.

So Tyler1 gets his profile back, well not exactly. Although he regained his IDs back it was impossible to gain back his old profiles. But maybe it wasn’t all a bad thing, this was a completely fresh start for Tyler1 in League of Legends and with a new account, he started his climb.

On Sept 23 Tyler1 reached Challenger in the mid lane. This is his third time climbing from Unranked to Challenger where in the past he’s done it on both top lane and jungle. He continues to be one of the most entertaining and notable LoL Twitch streamers. For hitting challenger on mid lane, Riot congratulated him on the League of Legends Twitter with a custom graphic of him and Annie who at one point he had the #2 spot in the world on the champion.

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