League of Legends: Vex Ultimate Has Full Map Lock On Ultimate

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Vex’s ultimate will follow a champion no matter where they go.

Vex’s ultimate has a neat little trick that can help players go coast to coast in a blink. Players using this champion will definitely need to keep this in mind next time they plan on using her ultimate. Especially if they wouldn’t want to find themselves trapped in an awkward situation.

"Vex R2 works like Akali E from leagueoflegends"

In this video posted by Bombospecial after hitting a teleporting enemy with his ultimate, he chases the champion all the way up the map. The hit landed pre-teleport and the chase clearly happened post-teleport.

By now there are some Vex players who know about the effective range of the R2. This could put players in some pretty sticky situations if not properly thought out. What if you chased an enemy only to find yourself in a terrible position during a team fight. The last thing you’ll want to do is be caught out so that a team can swarm onto you for an easy kill.

It’s unknown whether this feature is a bug or just a part of her kit. This wouldn’t be the first skill in the game that tracks targets despite long-range movement across the map. Akali’s Shuriken Throw (E) works in a similar fashion chasing the enemy down until it connects with something. But while Akali’s skill can be intercepted by something like a Yasuo Wind Wall, Vex’s R2 can’t be intercepted unless the champion is stunned before being given the chance to take off.

Whether this was intentional or unintentional it’s currently a part of Vex’s kit and should be known to help players better understand what they’re getting into when they choose Vex.

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