League of Bloopers: Dead Teemo Steals Baron With A Mushroom

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Who needs a smite when you have a Teemo mushroom?

From the afterlife, this Teemo steals a Baron without having to cast even a single auto. This champion’s mushrooms are normally a terror to deal with but these players will likely hold a vendetta against this Yordle for a while. In this clip from Low Elo LoL, we see a Teemo shroom secure Baron completely by chance.

This Teemo clip features the champion for no more than 2-3 seconds but the shroom never dies. These players beat down the Baron in the blink of an eye but when one of them gets slapped straight into the Teemo mushroom all that effort is tossed out the window.

Under the disguise of the acid pool the mushroom exploded leaving everyone completely confused. You can tell from the enemy teams reaction that they weren’t sure what was going on. Could’ve been a glitch or bug, until one of the teammates got ambushed by a runaway Ramus.

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