Is G2 Jungler Jankos The Reason Behind Rekkles Departure?

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Did Jankos really force Rekkles off of the team?

According to EsportManiacos, insider Esports reporter, dysfunction between the G2 locker room is the reason for Martin “Rekkles” Larsson impending departure from the team. The fued lies mainly between Rekkles and the team’s star Jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski. It’s a game of sides and unfortunately, the team was not on the side of their star ADC. Hopefully, they’ve chosen right because this will be an incredible loss.

In his tweet, EsportManiacos claims that Jankos strong-armed G2 getting rid of Rekkles by leveraging his upcoming contract with the team. He made it clear that it was either the ADC or him but someone out of the two was going to walk before he resigned. Effectively the team chose to side with Jankos and now Rekkles is on the move.

G2’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise, they’re likely aiming towards their future and trying to keep their priority stars as happy as possible. Caps just recently resigned with the team and Jankos was up next. According to another report from BloopGG, both players weren’t too fond of playing with Rekkles anymore. If there is some descent amongst the team it seems that Rekkles just doesn’t fit in their plans for the years to come.

This is an interesting turn of events following the team’s disappointing exit from the LEC playoffs. G2 ended their Summer in 4th, missing Worlds for the first time in franchise history. The super team that they put together had a terrible turnout to their standards and as such got blown up so they can try out a new look.

Right now, they’re shopping three player contracts and their head coach. The G2 that we’ll see next split is going to have a completely different look. Maybe with a new roster, they’ll be able to foster some success.

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