EDG Viper Shows How To Take Advantage of FOW

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

EDG Viper uses the FOW to take some kids to school

Class is in session with EDG Viper showing casuals just how to properly abuse the Fog of War to their advantage. This is one of those times where self-control and patience really make a difference. You can see just why the pros hold their spots when they can perform like this, as simple as this play may seem one click and that’s curtains. Check out this clip from Reddit user PetitGriff.

"The absolute best example of how to abuse Fog of War, EDG Viper EUW Bootcamp. from leagueoflegends"

Floyd Mayweather always said the key to winning is “to hit and not get hit.” Although this isn’t boxing you can see Viper implements this to a tee. It isn’t until enemy vision is turned on that you see just how tactical a play this was.

By using the FOW to disappear from his enemy he gave himself enough time to both retreat and regroup from the teamfight. The Draven was also lured in deep enough that his death was basically guaranteed. If he committed to chasing Viper it would’ve likely led to his death before ever touching the second brush and although he retreated the player was still too deep in not to die by the hands of Janna.

Nami clearly tried to fight back but caught a few warning shots forcing her to retreat. Committing would’ve been suicide, likely having Janna turn focus to her. I highly doubt that a Lucian Janna combo attack is something that she would be able to deal with.

This was some masterful play out of the bot lane, showing both the importance of warding and how players can use the FOW as cover from enemies. Hopefully we can see more of this immaculate play out of Viper when EDG begins their run for the World Championships on Oct 5. As the first seed out of the LPL they’re a definite favorite to win it all but we’ll see if anyone else has something to say about it.

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