LEC 2021: G2 Esports May Be Off-loading Rekkles Soon

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LEC franchise G2 Esports and Rekkles parting ways

A report from DOT Esports claims that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, star ADC for G2 Esports may be taking an early exit from the team following the team missing Worlds 2021. The report is alleging that the relationship between Rekkles and the team has gone sour, he’s now a distressed asset and as such will be moved rather quickly.

Rekkles signed on with the team in 2020 and hasn’t even fulfilled a full year of his contract officially. With two more years left on his deal, the team that receives him will have him locked in until 2023. There’s sure to be a couple of teams willing to take a shot but they’ll need to coerce G2 into giving him up. According to the report G2 is being “restrictive” with the teams they’ll negotiate with.

G2 and Rekkles’s relationship is completely on the outs and each is trying to preserve their own best interest. Rekkles was supposed to represent G2 at the Worlds Group draw but the team had to send Jankos instead when communications with the ADC went bad. G2 will likely only send him somewhere that will either provide them a solid trade or will not be a threat as they look to slide up one and capture the #1 spot.

In our discussion of Bjergsen’s return, we discussed that Rekkles has expressed some serious interest in wanting to play for TSM as early as 2017. This could be the moment he’s been waiting for, TSM FTX definitely has the capital to take on his contract and compensate G2 handsomely. Plus with Rekkles in the LCS, there’s no chance of a trade biting them in the butt unless they meet in international competition.

It’s also reported that G2 is looking to get rid of contracts for some of their other players and head coach. Right now the franchise is a mess, luckily they’ll have Jankos as the building block of their future. But, if we’re looking at everything that’s been going on since the start of the offseason it isn’t looking too good for G2.

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