League of Bloopers: Anivia and Her Minion Army Charges Ahead

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Only in URF could we see something as insane as Anivia marching a battalion of minions down the mid lane. They barreled their way into the nexus knocking down every turret from Tier 2 up. When one minion would fall another would follow up right behind it, even with the enemies fighting back resistance was completely futile. Check out this insane clip from Reddit user bcotrim.

"[URF] Commander Anivia marches his troops through mid from leagueoflegends"

With that many minions at your disposal, a loss is pretty much guaranteed. But, who would’ve thought that those minions could shed through the enemy turrets that fast? Those turret life bars got cut down like a hot knife through butter.

Poor helpless Lucian shooting at the wall before Anivia took it down pretty much sums up everything that the enemy team could do. They did put up a good fight taking down a couple minions here and there. Their attacks might’ve been effective too if the Baron buff didn’t make things so hard.

But this has to be one of the gems of URF. What better way to abuse the system than to create a super-powered stack of minions? Now that the mode is back for patch 11.19 hopefully we can get used to seeing these outrageous kinds of clips in the future.

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