League of Bloopers: When Team Dives Go Horribly Wrong

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This team dive couldn’t have panned out any worse

It’s really unimaginable to think that any team could go up against a player 4v1 and lose but League of Legends is a game where unbelievable plays happen all the time. This Gragas with his back to the wall lands an insane ultimate to hold off the enemy team that saves their turret and likely the game. Check out this insane clip from Reddit user Havven FR.

"Gragas play. I’m just so proud. from leagueoflegends"

What better teammate to have by your side in that situation than the turret? His ultimate easily dispatched of two enemies than with the support of the turret he killed the Graves while keeping the final challenger at bay. After making light work out of the Graves the battle ends with a trade and both teams are now completely off the board.

This was a crazy pop-off by Havven making excellent use of the barrel. Even if he ended up dying in the end both teams being wiped is probably the best result that could’ve happened there, unless he somehow managed to live

The enemy team probably had all the confidence in the world grouping up to dive on this Gragas. Five versus one there’s no way that they could lose with the odds in their favor. But all it took was one Gragas ultimate to ruin each of these players’ day.

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