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What does Riot have planned for 11.20?

On Sept 28 Riot Phlox gave us a preview of the new changes coming in patch 11.20. The team Riot is now back to their regularly scheduled programming now that the Worlds changes are locked in with the tournament set to begin on Oct 5. There isn’t too much going on with this new update, it’ll be interesting to see if there’re any significant changes that happen.

Patch 11.20 Preview

System Changes

Lord Dominik’s Regards

Smite Healing


Taliyah (Jungle)



Jarvan IV










From the Nerfs side of the board, we have a few interesting champions but after the new Amumu changes he’s definitely overdue for a change. His most recent rework gave him a second Q cast which has helped him become the strongest support in the game. The nerf will likely target his strength in the bot lane making players refocus their attention to playing him more in the jungle as intended.

Sadly, Taliyah will be getting a buff just when people who main her were starting to feel like she was in a good place. The sad thing is that it’s incredibly hard to balance Taliyah given her kit, she’s a mid-range mage with incredible mobility if you give her even with an average amount of damage she’s broken. They attempted to turn her into a jungle champion increasing her monster damage in the past, but she gets around the map too quickly right now for her to have such an insane clear speed. The truth is the nerf is probably needed, sorry Taliyah mains.

Aww man, here we go again. Udyr, Darius, Hecarim, and Senna are all getting buffs in 11.20. Early in season 11 each of these champions was an absolute menace in their respective lanes. Hopefully, Riot doesn’t go overboard with these fixes and doesn’t allow history to repeat itself. But it’ll be a wait-and-see process, we’ll find out more very soon once the devs release the full notes for the patch.

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