Arcane: Is The Series Antagonist Silco Really LoL Champion Singed?

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Is Silco working with Singed or are they the same character?

In the new Netflix series Arcane, we’re introduced to the main antagonist Silco for the first time. But is our introduction to this character really just the origin story of a familiar face? There’s been some talk about Silco and his relation to the champion Singed with those talks centered around whether they’re really the same person. We’ll get our answer from the series but till then let’s take a dive through the League of Legends lore.

In the LoL universe, Singed is a mad scientist who would go to any length to achieve the desired result. He was recognized early for his intellect which helped him receive admission to the University of Piltover. However, he lost favor amongst his peers and was forced to leave after funding had run out for his alchemic research.

After leaving Piltover he continued studying in the dark underbelly of Zaun. His alchemic research led him down a path of unscrupulous ethics. He often experimented on people, animals, and other living creatures. For the sake of his research, he went mad, eventually becoming the Singed that we know in the game.

The similarities between Silco and Singed are uncanny. From a physical perspective, they both share a striking resemblance. They have similar facial structures and both have a blank left eye.

Silco’s eye was due to some sort of experimentation gone wrong but it’s unknown whether this was an accident or self-inflicted. In the trailer that was released, the purple serum that corrupted him is being used to infect other citizens. Silco similar to Singed will stop at no length to get what he wants.

The only difference between these two is the obvious age gap. Silco is clearly middle-aged while Singed is said to be over hundreds of years old. However, with the appearances of Jinx and Vi this show is clearly a prequel to the game. Singed through the power of alchemy has been able to defeat even father time himself so maybe Silco takes on a new persona later on after the series.

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We’ll have to wait till the show releases on Nov 6 for our real answer to the question. Arcane is our first taste of the League of Legends animated universe and it’s sure to be a spectacle, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Till then check out our website for more news on League of Legends, LoL Esports, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Netflix’s Arcane.