League of Legends: What Will Be Vi’s Role In Netflix’s Arcane?

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 What part will Vi play in the drama of Netflix’s Arcane?

The release of Netflix’s Arcane is right around the corner and after the new trailer, many are wondering what will be the role of the League of Legends champion Vi. From the looks of the trailer Vi will be the backbone of the entire story. Viewers will follow her through her adventure through the city of Piltover. As the main protagonist, we’re sure to see some serious character development from her throughout this first season.

Immediately in the trailer, we’re introduced to Vi from the lens of a concerned sister. It seems that the main story is based on her quest to find her younger sister Jinx. In the pursuit of her sister, she runs into a ton of characters good and bad but she’ll stop at nothing to save her family.

In the League of Legends lore Vi is a Piltover Warden who’s originally from Zaun. If the show draws directly from this it’s possible that she’s already an officer who’s coming back to the dark underbelly of Piltover to rescue her sister. Jinx looks to be a young child who’s gotten in over her head and will require her older sister to pull her out of the darkness.

We also see Caitlyn who’s partners with Vi in the lore. It’s very likely that we’ll see these two come together to take down the main antagonist Silco who’s already very much acquainted with Vi’s younger sister. Caitlyn describes Jinx as “too far gone” but she’ll likely do whatever it takes to help her partner and bring justice to Piltover.

Vi will play a pivotal role in Arcane, every character plot will develop through her and we’ll be able to watch her change before our eyes. Be sure to tune into Arcane when Netflix releases Act 1 on Nov 6.

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