League of Bloopers: Can’t Run Away From Attack Speed Taric

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There’s no running when Taric’s coming.

Back again with another inane clip from URF, Taric is absolutely abusing players on the Rift. With this ridiculous amount of attack speed, he’s melting health bars one auto at a time. Going face up with this Taric is a terrible decision and will absolutely leave you lying on your back waiting for the ref to end the fight.

"Taric attack speed in urf is SCARY from leagueoflegends"

Building attack speed on Taric might be the only way to go in URF honestly. The way he harassed these two players was painful to watch. Those hits came out faster than lighting, as soon as he was on top of the enemy it was over.

Honestly, how can you fight an enemy that autos you faster than you can activate your next skill? This build is absolutely busted, once that (E) lands you’re enemy is dead. Both times Mecuesta fought off his opponent pretty easily thanks to that stun. The one time a player got out during the clip was because of panic flash. out of dodge.

If you’re a fan of autoing your enemies senseless and them not being able to fight back then try out auto-speed Taric in URF you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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