League of Bloopers: Kalista Secures Collateral On Volibear

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This Kalista absolutely obliterates Volibear through the terrain.

The last thing this Volibear would’ve thought on his way up the top lane was that he’d be at staring at a death timer. But unfortunately, this player caught a secondhand slap to the face that sent him packing. It was definitely a present surprise for the enemy Kalista to get a nice gold bonus on top of the Gromp camp. Check out this clip from Justinsant

"How to one shot a full health Volibear (Ranked Diamond gameplay) from leagueoflegends"

Let’s start by saying, this was some pretty impressive teamwork from Kalista and Bard. Using the squishy support as bait while the ADC sets up from outside of your vision for a big one-shot. The Kalista player kited Gromp to stack spears then let them all loose when the Voli got close enough.

That’s got to be a rage moment for the Volibear. The way the player rushed in after Bard thinking a kill was guaranteed, only to get taken down. But not only was it an ambush his life bar got deleted faster than the player could even activate a skill. This moment is without a doubt the definition of adding insult to injury.

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