Worlds 2021: PSG Talon To Wear VCS Logo During Tournament

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In a stance of Southeast Asian solidarity PSG Talon will wear the VCS logo at Worlds 2021.

On Sept 30 the PSG Talon organization announced that their team will be wearing the VCS logo on their uniforms during the 2021 World Championships. In their statement, PSG stated the move would “bring more focus of the world’s attention to the strength of South-East Asia.” This is a truly commendable gesture by them on behalf of the PCS and will likely have many VCS fans get behind PSG as their favorite for the tournament.

In their statement, they began by addressing their sadness of hearing that the VCS will be unable to attend Worlds. For those that didn’t know GAM Esports and Saigon Buffalo were supposed to be the VCS representatives at this year’s Worlds but were unable to attend because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

They continue to talk on how the Vietnamese fanbase rallied behind them in their final four finish at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Bigger than their specific region VCS fans rallied around PSG for Southeast Asia. They’re definitely hoping that this solidarity continues into the World Championships as Talon looks to hold the weight of the entire SEA on their back.

The fan response to this has been amazing, with many applauding Talon for their stance. It’s nice to see the outcry of support for a region who under normal circumstances would’ve been a serious contender for one of the top spots in the tournament. It’s a shame that they’ll be missing out but PSG can surely do them and the entire SEA justice.

It’s unknown whether the other PCS representative Beyond Gaming will also wear the VCS logo on their jerseys. If the move was done in solidarity it would be a powerful gesture for them to follow PSG Talon’s lead.

There hasn’t been any word from the VCS in response to the gesture yet but I’m sure in their absence it’s nice to know that they’re in the hearts of both players and fans.