League of Legends: Three Champions That Should Be First In Line For An ASU

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

In their most recent champion roadmap, Riot announced that starting in 2022 they’ll be rolling out a series of ASU’s to bring some old champions up to speed with the new look and feel of the game. ASU’s are Art & Sustainability updates that unlike VGUs are only cosmetic changes but are pivotal in bringing a new look to the game.

According, to Riot they’ll be starting with the original champions and work their way up. It’s unknown just how many of the champions they’ll have to update but with more than 140 champions on the roster, it’ll be a long process to get everyone up to speed.

Here’s the three champions that Riot should focus on first for an ASU:


Annie is lucky enough to have been one of the beneficiaries of a VGU. The updates that she received in the upgrade were a huge step up from where she was initially but honestly, her character is still pretty bland. There’s only so much that rippling fire and a swaying skirt can fix. A remodeling to Annie is very well-deserved “not only is she almost every players’ “My-first-mage” she consistently finds her way back into the fold as a viable pick.


Blitzcrank is probably one of the blandest support picks outside of Alistar. But, it sure is satisfying to land that hook. This champ has been given some really cool skins in the past and an ASU might make those some of the best skins in the game especially if his new character model leans more on the mecha-monster side.

Animation wise he definitely deserves more than what he’s working with right now. His ultimate still looks incredibly dated and although it is pretty comical they could do so much more with his W than the flailing arms while he runs.


Tryndamere is here because well… it’s Tryndamere. This is one of the champions that’s been in need of a tune-up for an incredibly long time. There’s a lot that can be changed about this champion. Firstly, it’d be nice to get more than just two slash attacks for his auto-attacks. But at the least, it’d be great if they changed it for when he accumulates rage so it doesn’t look like he has a hernia every time he swings.

Secondly, something definitely needs to happen with his spinning slash to make it look more realistic. It’s just a bit comical seeing him just start spinning extremely fast at a moment’s notice. But what could really use a new look is his ultimate. while you do have to make it known by both players that Tryndamere is using his ultimate flaming ring around his waist doesn’t really do the move justice.

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The common theme amongst all these characters is just really that their moves are seriously dated visually. They absolutely still have a place in the game especially since they do find themselves back into the meta or pro-play but these ASUs were brought about for champions like these.