Arcane: What Should We Expect From Caitlyn In The Series?

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Will we be seeing officer Caitlyn put a stop to crime in Arcane?

With Caitlyn being a part of the cast of Netflix’s new animated series Arcane fans of the champion are surely anticipating what’ll be her involvement in the story. Everyone recently got their first taste of what’s to come in the new trailer that was released.

Though Caitlyn only received a brief cameo in the trailer she did get enough time for us to assume that she’ll be on the hunt for justice in this series. She refers to someone as “too far gone” when talking to who we can assume is Vi. This may be in relation to Jinx, Vi’s younger sister who she’s been seeking out and will stop at no length to find.

If that’s correct, that would mean Caitlyn is well acquainted with Jinx already. If Jinx has gone too far to the side of evil it’s possible that they’ve had quite a few exchanges in the past. But, if both Vi and Cait are after Jinx it could lead to a possible team-up or race to see who finds her first.

Though she may not be the main character she’ll likely be supporting Vi in her quest. They both will have a common threat in Silco, the story’s main antagonist. With him carrying out his scheme and potentially putting the Piltover and Zaun population at risk with his mysterious purple serum you can bet that Cait will be trying to stop him.

There’s still some mystery behind her role in the show but all of our questions will receive answers very soon. Be sure to tune in when Netflix releases Act One on Nov 6. There’s going to be a three-act rollout throughout November so prepare for a wild ride.

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