2022 LEC Spring Split: Week 6 Day 1 Recap

Berlin, Germany - February 18 --- during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 6 at the LEC Studio on February 18, 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)
Berlin, Germany - February 18 --- during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 6 at the LEC Studio on February 18, 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games) /

Astralis bonk yet another top team. Rogue bounce back. Vetheo goes immortal. Vitality barely squeak out against BDS and Caps forgets blastcones stop Teleports. Let’s look back at what happened in Week 6 Day 1 of LEC!

FNC vs AST: Can’t stop, won’t stop

Astralis continue their unexpected winning spree with an exciting win over the superteam of Fnatic, owing to a wonderful team effort from all sides. AST jumped out to an early lead with their bot side control, as Zanzarah sacrificed his camps to subdue the superstar bot lane of Upset and Hylissang. While FNC managed to find some fights later into the mid game, Astralis’ uber-dive comp, as well as the sublime unison and coordination of this team, managed to pull them back in close fights around objectives, to finally give themselves their second win of the split.

The last place team continues to tussle with their upper echelon of teams in the LEC and I would like to give another shoutout to promisq here again. Combining with his proactive jungler in Zanzarah, the man has been making snappy plays over the last three to four games that is very reminiscent of top Chinese supports, and is the primary reason why Astralis find themselves with this second lease on life.

BlogofLegends MVP: promisq (2)


What an exciting day so far! Given that we’re halfway into the split, the teams are looking more and more coordinated, with early-game plays happening at such a rapid, precise frequency that reminds me of Summer Playoffs. Misfits take down XL at the end off of a great overall performance by the rising superstar in Vetheo, propped up massively by Hirit’s Graves, who took Finn’s counterpick out of the game all together. Vetheo was the much better mid laner it felt like – constantly getting the push in the early game against Nukeduck’s LeBlanc to roam and start up the engine for Misfits, as well as playing these narrow fights as perfectly as he could as the young mid laner goes immortal in a pivotal playoff-seed deciding game versus Excel.

Excel’s Patrik’s shone bright once again and Markoon’s Jarvan engages were absolutely phenomenal to watch at times, but Finn’s counterpick getting outplayed to the point it did as well as Nukeduck not being aggressive enough and looking for early roams with Markoon stalled what could have been a decisive Excel win.

BlogofLegends MVP: Vetheo (1)


The excitement continues, but for some wrong reasons this time around. The superteam of Vitality manage to squeak away the win against 8th place BDS, in a convoluted affair where both teams tried their hardest to outdo each other with their blunders. Vitality definitely do not come as packaged as the team has problems in the early game when it comes to securing leads – they look more like mid-table laners across the board, with below average coordination to boot. Labrov’s last two engages were practically game-winning, but I feel like the Vitality support continues to have a lukewarm season at best and did not really shine throughout the earlier stages and got caught out a lot, so Alphari will take the MVP for this match for his domineering play on the Camille as well as fairly intelligent teamfighting on the dive champ around objectives.

BlogofLegends MVP: Alphari (1)

BDS continue to disappoint and hold Cinkroff hostage, as this time xMatty had an abysmal game on Jinx with dirt-poor positioning across the board. NUCLEARINT was quite good on the Galio mid and set up picks alongside Cinkroff and LIMIT’s commendable Thresh, but this hyped-up bot laner continues to have one of the worst flops I’ve seen from a touted rookie in a minute as he drags his team down once again for the loss.

SK Gaming vs G2

In the most boring game of the day so far, SK Gaming finally manage to beat G2 in a 40 minute snooze fest that heated up towards the end owing to a small mistake by Caps by not hitting the blastcone to stop the Jenax Teleport that might’ve resulted in a G2 win. The G2 midlaner continues his lukewarm season by having a dominating lane against Sertuss’ Orianna before being a fly on the wall with no way to translate that lead into the mid game. Jankos’ looked shockingly absent on his Jarvan IV and given the First Blood King’s ability to create plays in the early game, it was quite staggering to see G2 not pull the trigger on any early game plays given how many times SK overstepped.

BlogofLegends MVP: Jezu (1)

Jezu picks up the MVP with a good game from the Jinx, cleaning up the fights with good click accuracy and almost no mistakes in positioning. Sertuss also deserves a shoutout for the monster Orianna ultimate that gave fuel to the SK engine in the mid game and started their snowball to an eventual Hextech Soul into Elder Dragon for their fourth win of the split.


Rogue bounce back after their loss streak to deliver a clinical defeat to the MAD Lions, owing to a rebound, MVP performance by Malrang. The formerly undefeated team looked back in their comfort zone as they drafted a typical scaling comp, got Malrang to gank early and stalled the game with intelligent skirmishes and engages until their scaling took over. It almost looked like Week 5 was but a blip on the radar and the regular season machine of the LEC is back on track.

BlogofLegends MVP: RGE Malrang (1)