2022 LCS Spring Split Week 4 Day 1 Recap

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Team Liquid dines out at ABlazeOliveGarden. Someone should do something about Ssumday’s Tryndamere. PowerOfEvil returns to form.

C9 vs DIG

Dignitas absolutely crumble in the face of Cloud9’s massive teamwide strength as they just get absolutely brutalized by the boys in blue. Summit, who is arguably the best player in LCS, going up against FakeGod, who is arguably the worst player in LCS, was truly a sight to behold, as the Korean import got two solokills over the worthless DIG top laner while the rest of the team full-pressed their way into every engage and teamfight, winning almost all of them handily.

While Blue and Biofrost tried their best by landing their CC skillshots, River’s Lee Sin was pretty much nonexistent throughout the game and the one flashy kick he found was on a Leona with W up – needless to say DIG lost that fight too.

It’s hard to give an MVP for this game since it was a total domination from all the players of Cloud9, so I’ll be giving it to Blaber for his nice engages which served as the engine for the rest of the C9 bulldozer to start rolling DIG over.

BlogOfLegends MVP: C9 Blaber (1)

GG vs TL: Welcome to ABlazeOliveGarden!

Golden Guardians finally manage to transfer their early leads to a win off the back of a massive 1v3 outplay from Ablazeolive on Ryze. GG win a game where Pridestalkr doesn’t have to 1v9 carry his team to with both olive and the bot lane having a good game against what looks like the best team in the LCS. Olleh’s aggressive Thresh play rendered TL’s Caitlyn/Lux lane useless which Lost’s increasingly sublime teamfighting just shut the door in Team Liquid’s face after a failed pickoff on olive.

I wouldn’t get too worked up about this TL loss, however they do not seem to be able to draft a Twisted Fate comp and accelerate the game with it. Bjergsen was just farming in mid lane, going down in cs to a scaling Ryze while he still had ult + flash up, while Eyla continued to get picked off in lane. Bjergsen will have to remember just how well he played that TF during his fateful Season 10 Summer Split championship run, because for now it looks like a shell of its former self as the G.O.A.T continues to ramp up towards the playoffs. It’s quite concerning the team seems to lose its aggressive edge once CoreJJ is out of the lineup and Bwipo couldn’t accelerate ahead with his Viego top pick; it’s not a huge problem since it’s only their second loss of the season but let’s hope for their sake this isn’t a recurring problem.

BlogOfLegends MVP: GG Ablazeolive (1)

TSM vs 100T: Ssumdaddy returns

100 Thieves topside explodes in dramatic fashion as they steamroll Huni and TSM to a controlled win. Huni off enchanters looks even worse then Fudge as he gave over a free kill to Ssumday and Closer in the early game, prompting the 100T top laner to simply run away with the game. Add clutch smites from Closer’s side and the reigning champions snowballed too far ahead that even a fed Tactical couldn’t salvage the game. TSM continue to disappoint what little fans they have left in yet another uninspiring loss as controversies and memes over Reginald’s incompetence as an owner continues to mount.

BlogOfLegends MVP: 100T Ssumday (2)


CounterLogicGaming prove once again their jungler cannot be trusted with a lead as Contractz throws a massive lead over to a surging Immortals squad, as the Green Snakes simply run over the last place team in exciting fashion. PowerOfEvil had one of his best games in a very long time as he logged 25/26 kill participation on his signature Orianna, propelling IMT, who are beginning to look a bit better and better every week, to their 3rd win of the split.

BlogOfLegends MVP: IMT PowerOfEvil (2)