Bwipo Goes Nuts, El Trashico Ensues – 2022 LCS Spring Split Week 4 Day 2

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FakeGod once again continues his campaign for being the worst LCS player of this split as he gets absolutely mauled by Bwipo’s Camille this game. Team Liquid used Santorin to further exacerbate the advantage even further – at one point the DIG top laner was a clean 0/4/0. River’s best efforts to pick off Hans Sama with his Hecarim was fruitless as his team was too far behind, and after a couple of mediocre games, Bwipo shines through once again, and with Santorin’s help, picks up the MVP.

BlogOfLegends MVP: TL Bwipo (3)

Team Liquid seem to have come into Super Week willing to play a roaming style game focused around side lanes as Bjergsen returns to yet another global ult champion in Ryze. Maybe the call from the team was, with CoreJJ out of the lineup again due to personal matters, it might be better to focus the week’s worth of practice to snowballing topside and having Bwipo run a train on the opposition.


Ahhh, what has become of El Classico… These teams have fallen so far down from grace, it’s only half-funny at this point. El Trashico wraps up to an exciting finish as CLG jump out to a monstrous lead, throw a little, then finish off in extravagant fashion in a high-octane game dominated by their mid/jg duo of Contractz and Palafox. While Contractz still has a penchant for being too aggressive, the man has got the mechanics to pull off jaw-dropping plays if he gets his way. But Palafox was the main show of the evening as his Sylas was truly transcendent, stealing Hecarim and Leona ults to find massive AOE onto the TSM members in crunch time scenarios. Although these teams aren’t getting anywhere fast, it is nice to see an exciting game out of the bottom tier teams.

BlogOfLegends MVP: CLG Palafox (2)