Bjergsen sends his regards to Regi – 2022 LCS Spring Week 4 Day 3

Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017.
Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017. /

EG end second day of Super Week with yet another dominating performance. Bjergsen sends his regards to the downbad TSM.

EG vs GG: Danny Phantom Goes Ghost Mode

Well at least Super Week is going by excitingly quickly as Evil Geniuses return to the Rift and deliver another stomp, this time to the Golden Guadians, in stylish fashion. Danny’s Aphelios was the runaway MVP for this game as he absolutely carried in almost every phase of the game, showcasing his mastery and comfort on the meta mainstay marksmen. It seems as if Evil Geniuses have found their rhythm and settled on a tempo of playing out the game because both FlyQuest and now Golden Guardians look utterly incapable of stopping the Genius’ onslaught. While Ablazeolive had a stellar performance on the Ryze the last time around, he was completely player-diffed by Jojo this game, getting First Blooded in a most embarrassing way while being only half of Jojo’s cs.

BlogOfLegends MVP: EG Danny (1)


The last day of Super Week starts off with the much awaited game between Team Liquid and TSM… if TSM weren’t 1-6 going into the game. Bjergsen sends his regards to Regi as he pulls out the Zilean for the final day after playing roaming mids for the previous two games and delivers a classic, controlled slaughter onto the TSM boys. Hans Sama goes absolutely ballistic, and with Eyla and Bjergsen by his side, picks up the MVP after getting to run rampant across the entire game virtually unchecked.

TSM continue to falter despite Spica’s best efforts to carry the team. They were actually close with TL throughout the majority of the game, but TL’s ridiculous scaling with Zilean/Jinx combined with their old-school Korean approach of avoiding fights while just taking towers and accruing a gold lead, resulted in a virtually unwinnable game state come mid game.

BlogOfLegends MVP: TL Hans Sama (1)