Cloud9 3-0; FlyQuest 0-3 – 2022 Spring Week 4 Day 3

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Cloud9 go undefeated in the Super Week. FlyQuest go the opposite direction and go winless thanks to Kumo. Immortals throw a game for fun.

C9 vs FLY

Cloud9 go 3-0 and FlyQuest go 0-3 as Summit mops up the floor with Kumo once again for the third straight top diff in a row from the side of FlyQuest. It is actually astounding how bad Kumo has played for the last two days, as his direct lane opponents have been gift wrapped MVPs just by playing against him. These important top laners like Bwipo and Summit are exposing the NA tops like Kumo and FakeGod for their lack of matchup understanding and completely taking over games as a result of the advantages they gain. Cloud9 look absolutely unstoppable right now and I am excited for them to rematch against Team Liquid to see who is the number one team in the LCS right now!

BlogOfLegends MVP: C9 Summit (2)


Immortals crumble after amassing a gold lead advantage following a great early game from Xerxe, who has been redefining himself as an aggressive, ganking jungler this split. Immortals pushed out to an early lead and were able to stack objectives and turrets before a fateful fight near red side red buff where Ablazeolive assassinated PowerOfEvil as the rest of IMT were trying to kill off a full tank Hecarim, which resulted in Lost cleaning up the fight and then picking off the jungler in the interim, resulting in shutdowns and barons that eventually snowballed into a win for GG.

A game between two middle-tier teams, GoldenGuardians showed their prudence and poise by calmly accelerating the game off of a single mistake from PowerOfEvil’s positioning, and even though their early game wasn’t great, they made up for it with their teamfighting as Lost picks up the MVP once again for his great Aphelios play.

BlogOfLegends MVP: GG Lost (2)

DIG vs 100T

River might as well have been playing Diamond MMR with how hard he smurfed this game against the 100T. The reigning champions continue to falter with Abbedagge definitely looking like he’s in a slump right now, getting solokilled once and almost twice by Blue, who combined with River to hardcarry the Dignitas lineup once again. 100 Thieves definitely look out of sorts with both carries playing well below expectations; Ssumday got to an early lead against FakeGod but could not find an opening to group and poke as his team slowly lost the game in the face of River’s gorgeous Hecarim engages.

BlogOfLegends MVP: DIG River (1)