Cloud9 Obliterate 100 Thieves – 2022 LCS Spring Week 4 Day 2

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The Church remains strong despite the absence of the Pope. Fudge absolutely annihilates Abbedagge in this top of the table clash in LCS.

Team Diff

What started off as a relatively even game dominated by Closer’s iconic Lee Sin quickly fell apart for the reigning champions as Cloud9’s skirmishing as well as individual play seemed to be on a tear this game. A pivotal fight in blue buff where Fudge popped off completely alongside top laner Summit salvaged what looked like a losing fight for C9 and they were able to trample across the rest of the game off the back of Berserker’s pristine Aphelios play. This was a full court press from C9, the second game in a row where we’re seeing this, as every single member of the team simply looks better than their opposite man while also merging really well as a unit. You would think losing their iconic coach would put the boys in blue back by a couple of weeks but they look more invigorated than ever.

Fudge Factor

Fudge is really coming into his own with quite a powerful Ryze performance against Abbedagge’s Ahri. Mixing up a Rabadon’s and a Zhonya’s instead of the usual tank mana items, the Church tech was on full display as he started blowing people’s heads off, almost single-handedly, with all the ability power afforded by his build, whilst remains relatively tanky due to the Health from Everfrost and Fimbulwinter.

BlogOfLegends MVP: C9 Fudge (2)

Stop Picking Ahri FFS

Ahri continues to be a worthless pick as Abbedagge’s loses the game without being able to accomplish too much throughout the game. The champion does not do enough damage to be relevant, and while her new healing mechanic has made her powerful in SoloQ, she remains uninspiring in professional play outside of Faker and Chovy being able to pilot her to success. The 100T mid laner himself should be looking to bounce back after having a mediocre couple of games and getting styled on by a roleswapped top laner.