FLY Kumo singlehandedly loses two games in two hours – 2022 Spring Week 4 Day 2

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FlyQuest gets dropped from the standing as Josedeodo is unable to find any early game pressure and Kumo forgets how to play top lane properly.


Another quick obliteration occurs as Evil Geniuses decimate a surging FlyQuest across the board, completely outplaying them across the map from literally every position. The unlikeliest of the top table teams, FlyQuest was 5-1 before this game before getting destroyed by a team that had three wins less than them. Josedeodo was unable to find any plays other than the First Blood on Danny and FLY crumbled against the constant pressure of Impact’s Akali and Inspired’s omnipresent Lee Sin. Impact impressed with a stunning Akali performance, thoroughly outlaning Kumo’s Gwen in the soft counter matchup, all whilst absorbing and turning around dives like he’s famous for. The only difference is that he’s not only doing that on tanks and bruisers, but on hard-carry, flashy assassins as well. We’ll look to see what kind of EG surfaces as we head into the second round robin of the LCS.

BlogOfLegends MVP: EG Impact (1)


FlyQuest take back-to-back Ls in the super week as Kumo gets top diffed for the second game in a row, this time by Revenge’s Camille. The man could not stop dying to Xerxe’s aggressive Volibear ganks in the early game, which put him far enough behind that Revenge started solokilling him left and right and center once the mid game approached. FlyQuest appeared to be disorientated without Josedeodo pressing the issue and carrying their early game, and despite Aphromoo turning in another classic Thresh performance to get the engine running, the lack of Josedeodo’s regular proactivity and Kumo running it down led to them getting mauled for the second time in about two hours. Revenge continues to impress on splitpushers, as Immortals seem to have embraced their North American top laner and have chosen to funnel resources into him to carry; he’s been developing for quite some time now and we’re finally getting to see the extent of his potential.

BlogOfLegends MVP: IMT Revenge (2)