2022 LCS Spring Week 5 Day 1: I Can’t wait until Team Liquid and Cloud9 play each other!

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As both Team Liquid and Cloud9 devastate their opponents, LCS fans are left wondering just how epic the eventual clash between these two titans will be.

TL vs 100T

The Finals rematch graces the LCS again as Team Liquid finally manage to snap their losing streak over 100 Thieves, clobbering them in a few mid game fights to eventually take the win. CoreJJ was back in the lineup for this game and boy was his presence felt from beginning to end. The World Champion simply ran amuck in the early to mid game, finding key roams to make Abbedagge’s life a living hell while spoonfeeding Bjergsen early kills, accelerating his Viktor pick. The man continued to shine as he was the pivotal engager on most of these fights around the mid game, allowing his teammates to collapse on the unsuspecting 100T players to quickly seal away the game. It’s astonishing how good CoreJJ has been from the support role, he has only played three games this season and already have two MVPs!

BlogOfLegends MVP: TL CoreJJ (2)

C9 vs GG

Cloud9 continue their ungodly run as they bulldoze over the Golden Guardians off of excellent performances from their top/jungle duo in Summit and Blabber. Summit continues to embarrass North American top laners’ matchup knowledge as he secured yet another solokill over Licorice in a Gnar vs. Graves matchup. The Korean import did not even hit level 6 to accomplish this, just simple outlaning and knowledge of damage thresholds was all he needed. Blaber was omnipresent in this game, securing 14 out of 15 takedowns – the only one he did not take part in being the aforementioned Summit solokill. Even without LS, the sheer talent of this team as well as small optimizations (Trinity Force Gnar) from the LS-trained coaching staff, makes Cloud9 a monstrous threat and an appetizing matchup against Team Liquid for us fans.

BlogOfLegends MVP: C9 Blaber (2)