2022 LCS Spring Week 5 Day 1: CLG vs DIG. Tethering Explained.

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The concept of tethering: the reason why Contractz throws his leads and why River catches them and carries his team to victory.


Dignitas closed out Counter Logic Gaming in decisive fashion owing to some happy inting from Contractz. While it is endearing to see a jungler play as aggressive and ferocious as he does, Contractz does come off looking more like an idiot than he looks like a genius. Whatever leads he garnered throughout the game, he readily throws it away on his next engage – some of them being so egregiously aggressive that no one on his team can possibly follow it up with any sort of damage or CC.

His counterpart, River, was excellent as per usual, picking up the MVP owing to his heavy ganking style and utilization of tethering with his teammates. This “tethering” is when you position yourself relatively close to teammates so they can follow up on engages. It is used primarily for enchanter supports tethering to their ADCs, but it can also work for engage champions as well. River has high tethering skill because of his world-class expertise on Jarvan IV, given the massive engage range of that champion, and it likely carried over to Volibear as well. It is a skill that Contractz is SEVERELY lacking in and it is costing CLG fair chances at winning some of their games due to his rampant over aggression.

FakeGod had himself a rare good game as well, utilizing Hullbreaker Graves to its maximum potential and was a decent factor in this particular win over CLG. However, his main weakness, his abysmal laning, did not get tested this time around due to him facing yet another NA top laner in Jenkins, so I cannot really praise him too much other than his Graves play in the side lane.

BlogOfLegends MVP: DIG River (2)