Revenge Almost Backdoors. Closer Puts on a Show. 2022 LCS Spring Week 5 Day 2.

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Revenge almost completes the backdoor. Kral Closer carries 100T once again.


Exciting game from Immortals as they almost pull off the upset against the titans that is Team Liquid. Bwipo found ways to make his unique Shyvana pick useful by diving into fights and threatening lethal on Arrow in these teamfights, but the champion looked pretty much useless after the initial engage combo had been used. IMT coordination and map play still have some work to do given they weren’t able to fully capitalize off of Revenge’s excellent play this game.

While I criticized him earlier on in the split for not being aggressive enough, he has been improving at a very rapid pace, and could genuinely make a case for being the fourth best top laner in the league behind Summit, Bwipo and Ssumday. However his hard work still fell short in the face of Bjergsen’s Viktor, who simply scaled and put out massive damage onto key auto attackers in these nail biting open nexus fights to achieve the dub.

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CLG vs 100

Closer puts on another one of his patented Lee Sin clinics as he almost single-handedly takes out Counter Logic Gaming. He was much ahead of Contractz in the early game, being able to find key dives and ganks to set up his side lanes before transitioning that lane lead into a slew of objectives. Closer put the finishing touches on CLG with a couple of great flash kicks that isolated Luger and denied any chance of a comeback. The reigning champs have been slowly getting back into the groove of things, and it’s mostly off of jungle virtuosos from Closer. But hey, it is those jungle virtuosos that got them the title in the first place, so has anything really changed?

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