2022 LCS Spring Week 6 Day 1: Turkish imports are taking over the LCS.

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Both Turkish imports take home the MVP today as Closer’s Lee Sin carries 100T through an 11k gold lead. Palafox and Luger combine to take down the third place team in FlyQuest.

GG vs 100

Golden Guardians manage to throw an 11k gold lead as 100T scale into the late game with their damage carries and Ssumday’s Sion, managing to claw their way back due to ill-advised engages by Olleh in the mid game as well as Closer’s Lee Sin (see the trend here?) pulling out some heroics to clinch the game. The fight in mid lane was particularly pivotal from Closer, as the Turkish jungler managed to stay alive long enough with a well placed Goredrinker heal in order to keep the carries’ attention to him while FBI’s Jinx ran rampant in the background. He was also pivotal in setting key picks that eventually snowballed into a number’s advantage and eventually the game as Golden Guardians continue their losing streak.

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Palafox sets it up and Luger knocks ‘em down as Counter Logic Gaming pull off the upset win against the surging FlyQuest is quite a pseudo-dominant fashion. Luger’s hybrid Kaisa build shone bright as he started to single-handedly take over the game once his evolves started coming through, chunking out FLY members with massive poke during siege situations. CLG continues to have a hard time properly ending game and they threatened to have another one of these throws before Luger put the nail in the coffin and sealed them away for good. CLG are lowkey a fun team to watch because of their aggressive mid/jg duo and their powerful bot laner in Luger. They still have a lot of inconsistencies and straight up weaknesses in terms of Jenkins and Poome, but they’re a promising roster nonetheless.

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