Summit obliterates IMT single-handedly. Blue’s Akali blows through TSM. 2022 LCS Spring Week 6 Day 1.

Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017.
Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017. /

At this rate, Summit is going to run away with the MVP this split. Blue shows off his fancy Akali mechanics to dunk on TSM while Neo mows them down on Caitlyn.

C9 vs IMT

Summit is just stupidly ahead of these LCS players that it stopped being impressive and started being hilarious to watch. For all the talk about how he was going to clap back against Summit on Twitter, Revenge got run into the ground by what looks like the runaway frontrunner for LCS MVP this split. His domination over NA top laners, who have virtually no matchup knowledge comparatively, has been truly something to behold as Summit demonstrates to even the “good” LCS players how hard someone can dominate this under-populated region. Watching him just molest NA tops game in and game out really goes to show just how bad even our “good” players are, after all, you don’t see this kind of domination from them!

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TSM’s early lead was squandered due to uncoordinated sieges and Dignitas snowball from there to net themselves a win off of some fancy outplays from Blue and reliable AOE CC from River’s famous Jarvan IV. I never thought Blue was lacking in terms of mechanics and he showed them off here in a very stylish Akali performance, putting Takeover on a poster in a sick outplay by his blue buff to secure a 1v2 kill. I am actually going to award to MVP however, to Neo, for his exemplary Caitlyn game that just quietly ran over TSM while his teammates were buying space for him. Normally I don’t give bot laners MVPs when their jg/mid is playing so well but most of those engages looked really good for Dignitas primarily because Neo never missed a step the entire game and just carried Dignitas over to the finish line with his smart, consistent play.

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