This Jojopyun vs. Bjergsen rivalry is overrated as hell. 2022 LCS Spring Week 6 Day 1.

Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017.
Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017. /

Inspired could not find a way to carry a half-dead Evil Geniuses across the finish line as they fall to Team Liquid once again. 

EG vs TL

I think it’s about we stopped having this Jojopyun vs. Bjergsen debate, it’s embarrassing for someone of Bjergsen’s caliber to be pitted against some pitiful rookie. It’s looking more and more overrated as the Evil Geniuses mid laner is still nowhere near the level he needs to be at to threaten the North American G.O.A.T.

Team Liquid got off to a rampaging start this game by killing off Danny 2v2 and proceeded to snowball to an upwards of 6k gold lead before intelligent teamfighting by Inspired’s Lee Sin dragged the game out much longer than it should’ve ended.

Inspired was quite impressive this game and his kicks were the only reason why EG were able to stay alive this game and keep looking for any types of plays. His teammates weren’t really able to provide him with much support on that end and eventually fell prey at the Elder Dragon where Bjergsen’s Galio dished out AOE CC while Hans Sama’s Ezreal just peppered them with massive DPS to put Inspired out of his misery.

Hans Sama did okay this game but did not look as good as Danny’s Ezreal when it was played earlier, but it was sufficient enough to provide pressure throughout the game as well as the necessary coverfire in these teamfights to secure the win. The EU import has been fairly lukewarm this split and does not have the same monstrous, consistent carry potency he did back when he was in Rogue.

After watching this game, I started thinking that objective bounties aren’t so bad of a concept after all; in this particular example, TL were not competent enough to utilize the massive gold lead they had to properly execute a siege and EG were rewarded for their decisiveness and great play from Inspired. If all you can do is lane really well and don’t have the coordination to close out games, then you deserve to lose much of that gold lead if the enemy team is able to play in a way that transcends your advantage in the first place.

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