Summit and Berserker carry C9 over TL in epic showdown. 2022 LCS Spring Split Week 6 Day 2.

Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017.
Week 7 Day 3 at 2017 NA LCS Summer Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 23 July 2017. /

Summit and Berserker shutdown Team Liquid’s potential comeback. Josedeodo’s hard work gets outdone by a sick flank from Abbedagge’s Vex.

C9 vs TL

The two titans sitting at 10-2 finally clash in the hotly anticipated matchup between Cloud9 and Team Liquid, where Cloud9 end the game in a heartbeat following back to back mispositions from Bwipo’s Jax that resulted in a Baron into a swift and decisive victory. Even though C9 got out to an early lead off the back of winning a huge Herald fight victory, Team Liquid managed to claw back the gold lead until it was sitting at dead zero moving into the mid game. Just when things were slowing down, a lucky pick onto a ward-hopping Bwipo lead to Berserker going berserk and chaining that into more kills which resulted in the Baron. Berserker then outplayed Bwipo just a few minutes later to take the scaling split pusher off the map and secure numbers advantage, ending the game shortly with his Jinx.

Blog Of Legends MVP: C9 Berserker (2)

FLY vs 100

Flyquest get out-teamfought by Abbedagge’s Vex as 100T manage to comeback against a surging Josedeodo and close out the game due to a vintage performance from Ssumday’s Aatrox, who will be picking up MVP for this game. The man was unleashed across the backline, absorbing so much damage whilst giving the necessary space for FBI to dish out AOE damage on the Jinx and steer the Thieves towards another dub over their very direct competition in Flyquest.

Josedeodo tried to do the best that he could in the early game, chalking up three kills on the Viego before that fateful Vex flank from Abbedagge, erasing all of his leads and putting him in the hole. In fact, those three early kills were the only kills that Flyquest would have at the end of the game as the rest of team, particularly Johnsun and his poor teamfighting on the Zeri, could not find a way to stop the Thieves’ onslaught.

Blog Of Legends MVP: 100T Ssumday (3)