Neo and Luger carry their teams off of some great marksmen play. Inspired succeeds in carrying Evil Geniuses. 2022 LCS Spring Week 6 Day 2.

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Inspired converts this time around. Neo and Luger have back-to-back MVP games. 


Inspired has back-to-back monstrous games as the reigning LEC MVP pushes another gem out for the books, this time on Hecarim, to seal the win versus Team SoloMid. The man was absolutely everywhere this game and his pivotal AOE ultimates were the most important reason as to why EG were able to find their sixth win of the split and keep themselves in the running for a playoffs berth. Danny also popped off on the Crit variant of Zeri builds, also going immortal alongside his fellow jungler to run over TSM.

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Neo drops back-to-back stunners as he picks up yet another MVP following a crazy Aphelios game where he practically ran the show from top to bottom. He played the IMT turret dive perfectly, aggressing onto Arrow while Biofrost tanked up the other three members, then taking the lantern into the enemy as his Severum ult landed to give him a massive boost of HP and flashing the Haymaker from Xerxe to negate any damage and absolutely smurf on the Immortals team. He went on to use his lead exceptionally well, finding massive AOE ults in teamfights that chunked out Immortals from being able to do much of anything, resulting in yet another Dignitas win off the back of this blossoming ADC.

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Counter Logic Gaming make quick work of a faltering Golden Guardians as both Palafox and Luger combine forces to simply pick apart the GG roster. Luger picks up yet another MVP on the hybrid Kai’Sa owing to his laning phase dominance and how he transitioned that into the mid game with his ever-accurate Void Seekers simply chunking out the Guardians as they tried in vain to contest for objectives.

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