Damwon Smash and Kwangdong Upset in LCK Quaterfinals Spring 2022

Damwon comes out huge to get revenge on Fredit Brion, while Kwangdong upset DRX in a thrilling 5 game series.

Damwon Kia vs Fredit Brion

The sixth seed Fredit Brion came in fresh off the huge upset over Damwon to finish the regular season and clinch a playoff spot. They hoped to continue this trend as they immediately were faced with Damwon again in the first round of the playoffs. Damwon would not let this happen and came away with a huge statement-making 3-0. The series was a huge showing from Damwon. Deokdam switched from the hyper-carry Zeri in game one to the Ziggs in game two and had an equally impactful game showing his abilities to carry these games can be huge for Damwon in the future. Burdol continued to show his better form in these games, absolutely smashing Morgan in the third game. The biggest takeaway from this game was the great showing from Showmaker as he showed many different champions including Lucian mid. If Showmaker can perform at the level we all know he can then Damwon can absolutely challenge Gen.G in the next round.

Blog of Legends MVP: Deokdam

Dragon X vs Kwangdong Freecs

DRX came into the game with the 4th seed and was seen as pretty big favorites over Kwangdong but I believed the two teams were way closer in skill than their records showed. This was proven throughout the series leading to one of the best best of fives in the recent LCK record with back and forth games from both teams. Both KDF and DRX showed strong fighting ability when they were able to control the game but were both many times caught out leading to the back and forth nature of the series. The lack of consistently good positioning was a huge weakness throughout the series. Kwangdong would see huge performances out of Teddy who outdueled second-team all-pro Deft throughout the entire series including match MVPs in games one and five. The Miss Fortune pick was also huge for KDF who saw it crush the Xayah in the first two games becoming a ban for DRX in future games. This didn’t stop Teddy, especially in game five where his Jinx play was outstanding and he even stole a critical drake giving his team an infernal soul. Kwangdong played to their strengths and Teddy showed he is still one of the premier ADC in Korea. The team will have to continue showing this talent in their next matchup however as they are scheduled to take on the undefeated T1 team in the semi-finals on Sunday.

Blog of Legends MVP: Teddy