Evil Geniuses are your 2022 LCS Spring Split Champions!

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Evil Geniuses prove everyone wrong with a unprecedented run through the Lower Bracket, clinching their first ever LCS trophy.

Well, my prediction didn’t go as planned (again) as Evil Geniuses complete their lower bracket run with yet another sweep over 100 Thieves. Their series against Team Liquid was not a fluke or TL simply atrophying over the final stretch; Evil Geniuses have come together in a massive way to clinch the title – the first for the organization.

Their biggest claim to the trophy is teamplay and coordination. The Evil Geniuses are very much on the same page when it comes to skirmishing and teamfighting. The young carries of the roster have fully brought into the veterans’ game plan and it shows by how quickly and decisively EG are able to pick apart teams in crucial fights. It is especially impressive considering that I still do not believe EG has the best player in every role; barring Danny and maybe Impact, the rest of the EG lineup are not head and shoulders above their respective competition within the region. Their success comes from a single mindedness that is very apparent over their last two series – when one person says go, the rest of the team follow, without a single shred of hesitation.

Even though this was not the result anyone would have predicted, I am quite happy about sending this EG roster to MSI. It is extremely refreshing to see a competent coach like Peter Dun scout and invest in native NA talent when the old guard organizations are spending small fortunes trying to buy out washed players from other regions. Hopefully, this sets a precedent for all the other North American organizations who are complaining about the lack of native talent – up your scouting game, up your coaching game, and maybe you would not have to spend so much money building teams that have virtually no hope in international competition.

Congratulations to the Evil Geniuses!