MSI Team Profiles: Evil Geniuses

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The upstart victors of the North American region, Evil Geniuses are coming to their first MSI off the back of a G2-esque lower bracket run, going 12-1 to clinch the organization’s first North American championship. While this team is undoubtedly the weakest of all the major regions attending (NA major region KEKW), I still think this team has a very good chance of doing some serious damage.

While the public were generally hyped that a team with two North American newcomers managed to win a championship, it is imperative to acknowledge that they are still the worst players on the team. While they have had their respective moments, especially Danny, it is no surprise they have exploitable weaknesses that champions from stronger regions can easily take advantage of.

This brings me to the somewhat unsung veterans of this team: Vulcan, Inspired and Impact. Vulcan has regained his form on EG; his engages have been both decisive and instantaneous throughout EG’s run to the chip. The LEC MVP in Inspired has more or less retained his farming-intensive gameplay, and I suspect that him being in a weaker region allowed him to get away with stuff that he wouldn’t normally. Out of all of EG’s veterans, I am most curious as to how he will fare in an international setting, where he will have to strike the balance between effective farming whilst also looking out for his laners.

The biggest performer of EG has quietly been Impact. The hyper-veteran top laner continues his legendary career with yet another pristine split, topping it off with another trophy to boot. Unlike some other iterations of “Playoff Impact”, I feel like the EG top laner had a pretty good regular split all things considered – he simply ascended in the playoffs. His ability to both play his patented weakside champions as well as carry champions as the draft demanded – sort of like the inverse BrokenBlade – was a key reason as to why the dark horse of Evil Geniuses are North America’s representatives at MSI!