2022 LEC Summer Split Week 1 Day 1: Refurbished MAD Lions Clap Vitality to Start off the Split!

Week 1 Day 1 of the 2022 LEC Summer Split starts off with the refurbished MAD Lions clapping down Vitality to start off the split in solid fashion.

Team Vitality’s woes continue as the sUpErTeAm falls to the refurbished MAD Lions squad in the opening game of LEC Summer 2022. I found it pretty disrespectful by MAD to leave up the Lucian that has been absolutely permabanned in other regions – only for Carzzy to vindicate their decision by having a lukewarm game on it. Contrary to the MAD Lions bot laner, UNF0RGIVEN had himself a pretty good game on the Zeri, commanding jungle attention and escaping near-death scenarios in the mid-game that stifled Vitality’s chances of coming back into the game.

Speaking of jungle attention, Haru looks out of sorts with his new team, being barely present in the early game on the Xin Zhao while also not finding any success in skirmishes later on. I am a big fan of the man he is replacing, so I will have my eyes peeled on Haru to see if he is underperforming. I can clearly remember one or two Xin Zhao games from Selfmade last split where he absolutely ran the game from start to finish, very different from the anemic performance that Haru put up today. It’s only the first game of the split with yet another new configuration for Vitality, so I am willing to give him a slight pass for now.

Berlin, Germany – March 27: — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Spring Playoffs Round 1 at the LEC Studio (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

I was excited to see Nisqy back in professional play again, and the man picked up exactly where he left off on his Sylas. An intelligent visionary for playmaking, Nisqy combined with an MVP performance out of Armut’s Ornn to set up most of the mid game plays that propelled MAD Lions through teamfighting, eventually using bad positioning from Perkz near Baron to close it out and achieve their first win of the split.

MVP: Armut (1)