2022 LEC Summer W1D1: Excel Esports Come Within Two Turrets of a Perfect Game Against Misfits


Excel Esports start off strong against Misfits, coming within two turrets of a perfect game against the rabbits. SK Jezu also picks up an MVP for his teamfighting against BDS.

SK Gaming vs BDS

Well it was a swift comedown from the previous game as SK Gaming and BDS took to the stage for a 44 minute doozy as SK finally manage to push through and take the win off of very good teamfighting out of Jezu’s Kai’Sa. The early game did not go well for this game’s MVP, as they were constantly on the backfoot against xMatty and rookie Erdote. Both mid laners kept themselves busy in the early to mid game trying to find roams and picks to accelerate the top lane and potentially swing the matchup either way.

The game was largely a stalemate until NUCLEARINT’s unlucky mispositioning deep within SK jungle, which allowed the team to secure Elder Dragon and grab lots of standing gold across the map from it. In the final fight that decided the game, Jezu was absolutely exceptional, kiting out BDS members whilst training damage on the right targets with some very nice APM to secure SK Gaming their first win of the split.

MVP: Jezu (1)

Excel vs Misfits

Game 3 of the day was a shocker as Excel Esports fall within two turrets of a perfect game against the Misfits and the reigning MVP Vetheo, annihilating them off the map with their proactivity. All credit must go to the young engine of Markoon, who alongside Nukeduck, was pivotal in setting up all the plays across the map that allowed Excel to propel ahead. Vetheo’s Orianna pick, while a good pick for the comp, did not have any agency that would allow the MVP to make plays and carry his team, and he was largely an onlooker to his own defeat as Markoon simply ran around the entire map, being a terror on the Volibear.

MVP: Markoon (1)

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