2022 LEC Summer W2D2: Excel destroy MAD Lions in a 21 minute stomp.

Excel destroy MAD Lions in a 21 minute stomp. Misfits find their first win of the split after a horrendous Viego game out of Gilius.

Misfits vs SK Gaming

Not much to say here after that horrid Viego game out of Gilius, who was not able to set up anything in the early game alongside Sertuss’s Lissandra as Misfits beat them down.

Misfits find their first win of the split by going back to the Vetheo show, with Shlatan setting him up as per usual. Vetheo’s synergy with his jungler is very good news to all Misfits fans, since it is the primary engine that revs up the Misfits game plan.

If SK are going to have any shot of accomplishing anything this split, it has to come from Gilius and Treatz. Both of them have been overly passive and uninspiring for most of this year; they have to be the ones to guide their teams into finding aggressive looks – like I have seen them do in the past – in order for this team to function.

MVP: Vetheo (1)

Excel vs MAD Lions

Y’know, I was quite excited for this game to be a long, drawn-out, back and forth banger. What I definitely did not expect was a 21 minute stomp out of Excel.

Markoon was undoubtedly the star of the show, being once again omnipresent on his now-famous Volibear. Ever since his debut, he has been so good at finding small opportunities within the early game to sink his teeth into, and he once again demonstrated his ganking prowess by taking over the early game.

The Viego and Trundle bans in Phase 2 of ban phase did a number on Elyoya, who had an astonishingly horrible performance on Lee Sin. Since Nisqy was put behind by an intelligent roam out of Patrik in the early game, Elyoya was unable to use his superstar mid laner to find the counterplays to Markoon’s aggression across the map.

I originally had MAD Lions as a top 2 team so far in 2022 LEC Summer, but Excel’s proactivity and teamwide coordination have made a fool out of me today…

MVP: Markoon (2)