Gen.G, T1, and DRX Remain Undefeated While Damwon Falter Against Top Talent LCK Summer Week 2 Recap

BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 07: Heo "ShowMaker" Su of DAMWON Gaming looks across to his team mates during a match against Lowkey Esports in the League of Legends World Championship at the LEC Studio on October 7, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images)
BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 07: Heo "ShowMaker" Su of DAMWON Gaming looks across to his team mates during a match against Lowkey Esports in the League of Legends World Championship at the LEC Studio on October 7, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images) /

Day 1

Damwon Kia vs Gen.G

Damwon has a huge week going up against both T1 and Gen.G the two strongest teams in the LCK with a chance to place themselves above one of these two powerhouses.

Game one had the series’ highlight as Lehend’s Singed support would miraculously steal baron with his unchained spellbook smite and lead to a huge game one victory. In-game two Gen.G got off to another early lead but some mid-game throwing would allow Damwon to come back and steal the game away giving everyone the three-game series they wanted. This hype would be short-lived as Gen.G would get out to an early lead they would never relinquish dominating the entire game and taking the series 2-1.

Series MVP: Lehends

Fredit Brion vs kt Rolster

Two winless teams were facing off against each other trying to move into the wins column.

One of the most exciting series of the season so far as KT would get out to an early lead in both games taking gold and map control for the majority of these games. In both games, KT would secure dragon soul and then soon after would lose the fight super hard to Fredit allowing them a free baron and a way back into the game. After Fredit gets baron the game would stall until elder drake leading to a game-deciding fight at Elder. In-game one, KT would win immediately after the 50/50 elder fight while in game two they added a few steps which included a baron but would in the end finish the game leading to an obvious clean 2-0.

Series MVP: Aria

Day 2

Kwangdong Freecs vs NongShim REDFORCE

Both Kwangdong and NongShim are very middle-of-the-road teams that have failed to live up to expectations in the past year hoping to stay on the right side of the standings.

The games were close but for Kwandong they had only a single thing going for them throughout the series being Teddy. Teddy was doing everything for his team in a full 1v9 performance. In-game one in particular Teddy single-handedly almost won his team the game while his team gave him no support. While Kwandgon had some leads in the series overall Nongshim proved to be the better more complete team throughout the series leading to a solid 2-0 for NS.

Series MVP: Canna

T1 vs Liiv SANDBOX

After a super lackluster week one for T1 they took on a bottom LSB team in hopes of rebuilding confidence.

This series was one of the most dominant of the year as T1 came out and dominate the games using Sandbox to send a message that any questioning of their abilities was wrong. Zeus even pulled out the full AP Gragas top and absolutely dumpster the entirety of Sandbox. All of T1 played exceptionally and showed why they are at the top of the standings and Sandbox is at the bottom.

Series MVP: Zeus

Day 3

Hanwha Life Esports vs DRX

A top-four contending team in DRX takes on a bottom-two team in HLE in what should be an easy series for DRX.

This series was actually somewhat back and forth. Hanwha came out with the first Ammummu pick in the LCK since 2018 as life took its support. DRX did not care and absolutely showed up in game one and decimated HLE. In response, HLE had a great showing in game two as they came out to an early lead and while they would be aced by DRX they would find a way to sneak baron at 22 minutes and snowball a lead to a victory. Game three was more a repeat of game one as they won the game with relative ease and took the series. Pyosik actually had a great performance for most of the series.

Series MVP: Pyosik

Fredit Brion vs Gen.G

Fredit has looked like a shell of themselves from the last split while Gen.G looks like they have to take a step forward.

The series was as everyone expected as Gen.G dominated both games. Chovy was absolutely insane on the Ahri with zero fear and was everywhere. Gen.G continued to prove how good they are as they had control of both games and ended the series incredibly quickly. Really isn’t much to say it was two stomps.

Series MVP: Chovy

Day 4

Damwon Kia vs T1

T1 trying to break the LCK record for most consecutive series wins as Damwon tries to take down T1 for the first time this year.

T1 opted into an early game dive comp something that they haven’t really done and were lacking a bit at MSI. they needed an early lead and were not able to get this with Nuguri on a huge Mordekaiser pick getting to an early lead of 3-0.T1 were on their back heel but at 16 minutes they have a huge fight to begin coming back and used that to snowball and take a lead they would never surrender again getting multiple barons and hextech soul. Game two was similar but T1 got the early lead and never relinquished it had some small overextensions but dominated Damwon and very easily controlled the game taking a huge 2-0 from Damwon and breaking the series victories record winning their 24th series in a row.

MVP: Faker

Liiv SANDBOX vs kt Rolster

Two struggling teams come together trying to push their season in the right direction.

Super slow games as both teams were looking for the other to make a mistake with the first blood coming at 17 minutes in game one. KT would take a lead in the early and middle game but have a huge hiccup as they try to force baron and as Rascal tries to rotate down he gets picked off letting LSB win the fight comeback in the game which they would eventually win. Game two saw KT again with a lead but Prince would come up huge in a number of fights and hard carry his team to a huge showing and a 2-0 victory of Sandbox.

Series MVP: Prince

Day 5

Hanwha Life Esports vs NongShim REDFORCE

NS and HLE both have been showing a lot of improvement and face off two keep climbing the standings.

Game one was one of the most one-sided games of the year as NS nearly had a perfect game going 18-0 and only giving up three turrets in the process. The inverse would come in game two as HLE would dominate NS for this entire game with one of their cleanest games of the split evening up the score. Game three was a thrilling battle. HLE came out in force continuing their strong performance from game one as they hold a gold lead for the early game while NS stacks dragons. NS would get soul but would lose a huge fight leading to an 8k gold lead for HLE at 30 minutes. Nongshim has only one hope in an elder 50/50 where they are super far behind and they pull off the miracle victory to end the game in stunning fashion. Dread had one of the weirdest MVPs ever awarded getting one kill at the very end of the game but having the clutch smites to win the game for his team.

Series MVP: Dread

Kwangdong Freecs vs DRX

KDF has been struggling to contend against even the lower teams in the LCK while DRX still showing dominance coming into the series.

KDF showed some signs of fighting back in the early to mid-game of the first game but DRX’s superior teamwork and exceptional play from star Deft would really come through for them. KDF had little to no fight in game two and has continued to show that it’s been Teddy and Fate vs the world. Deft having his first real superstar performance of the split is a good sign for DRX as they begin to face better competition as the weeks go on.

Series MVP: Deft


The games next week lack a lot of the big-name matchups that this week saw but look out for        T1 vs DRX which will be the game of the week as well as, NongShim vs both Damwon and Gen.G for good matchups that could have playoff implications.