League of Legends to increase RP and TFT coin prices

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League of Legends developers – Riot Games has announced that starting from the August 19 Pacific Time, new prices for RP and TFT Coin will go into effect for most Riot regions. These increases will account for worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases.

The change in in-game currency prices is beyond expectations, as earlier price changes were made in only a handful of regions, but this year saw an economic shift in the entire world. Therefore, price change in RP and TFT coins affects the entire world.

As per the Riot Games,

"Tencent regions will account for these factors in other ways due to price structure differences; the Garena region will not have price updates at this time."

In addition to the announced price increase, Riot Games are also running a bonus promotion, which gives the double bonus RP and bonus TFT Coins to RP and TFT Coin purchases from July 14 – July 31, Pacific Time.

League of Legends: New prices for Europe and the UK

The average price change in Europe saw a rise of 9.8%:

Old Price (EUR)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (EUR)New Total Currency

The average price in the UK saw a rise of 10.9%:

Old Price (GBP)Old Total CurrencyNew Price (GBP)New Total Currency

With this change, Riot Games says they have taken the opportunity to “address some issues,” such as making them so every region has a single-transaction way to acquire 1350 RP champion skins or 1380 RP/TFTC arena skins. In addition, most of the prices are set to X.99, which represents the same model of the Riot Games.

Was there a need to increase the prices?

After the price increase announcements, the discussion sparked in the gaming community. Most of the players asked League of Legends developers whether the price increase was necessary or not. As Riot Games mentioned, the increase in price is to curb their loss due to inflation, currency fluctuations and maintaining fair prices.