League of Legends: Wild Rift – Elemental Rift Overview

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Riot Games – the developers of League of Legends: Wild Rift are about to release a new update with an in-game event called the Star Guardian Event on July 14th. The new update is about to introduce the Elemental Rift and remove the old dragons from the game and include newer ones. This update will see a new look for dragons with incredible powers that will completely change the rift.

As per the Riot Games,

  • Elemental Rift is here to stay and will be officially taking over the Rift on July 14 at 00:01 UTC
  • There will be four Dragons flying in: Infernal, Ocean, Mountain, Elder
  • The Rift will transform after the first Dragon is slain
  • Your team will now be granted a new powerful buff, Dragon Slayer
  • Elder Dragon will spawn at the nineteen minute mark

League of Legends Elemental Rift update: New Dragons

Riot games mentioned that this elemental rift is one such iconic gameplay update that made huge changes to the game on PC. Their popularity forced them to replace almost all dragons with wild rifts. Therefore, to share PC gameplay experience with mobile users, Riot brings an elemental rift.

Though some players already knew it was coming, others still went on to criticise the riots for the late introduction. Now, League of Legends has clarified that they just didn’t want to just copy-paste. Therefore, the new update is likely to bring specific needs and realities into the game.

After the release of the update, players will get Dragon Slayer buff rather than dragon’s soul. Though the soul is very important, Riot Games state that the buffs are a great match for their goals of replacement.

How to get Dragon Slayer Buff?

Dragon Slayer is a new buff that will reward players for taking on more Dragons over the period of a game. When players slay a Dragon, they will gain its Elemental buff. But after the slaying of the second Dragon, buffs can be claimed with Dragon Slayer as a grant.

Dragon Slayer possesses the power to increase the power of buffs if players are able to slay more number of dragons, the power will grow over the course of the game.

Dragons to be introduced in the game

  1. Infernal Dragon
  2. Mountain Dragon
  3. Elder Dragon
  4. Ocean Dragon

League of Legends new update rumours

According to SureGaming’s report, rumours that are likely to surface along with the update on July 14th are:

  • Star Guardian Ekko (Prestige Edition)
  • Star Guardian Syndra (Prestige Edition)
  • Star Guardian Kaisa (Legendary Edition)
  • Star Guardian Caitlyn
  • Star Guardian Akali
  • Star Guardian Rell
  • Star Guardian Quinn
  • Star Guardian Fiddlesticks
  • Star Guardian Nilah
  • Arcade Corki
  • Odyssey Sona

Though these are just rumours and officials have not responded to them, the player’s confusion still persists. However, the confusion will surely be cleared once the update is rolled out.