Mobile Legends releases patch 1.7.04, featuring balance changes

Moonton Games, the developers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have released the update for patch 1.7.04. After a glance at previous patches, bugs & glitches, and heroes, it looks like the game has featured updates with mere balance changes.

Though the updates are minor, and apart from bug fixations, there is something new that will excite players. Fredrinn and some new heroes are all set to make their debuts in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends: Patch update for 1.7.04, official notes

Fredrinn changes

The Mobile Legends patch 1.7.04 mainly focuses on balance changes to heroes. The update has rolled out to bring the hero’s abilities in equilibrium with their skills. It looks like the developers are trying to reduce the sustainability and skills of Fredrinn to introduce steadiness and stability to the game.

System Changes

  • Reduction of Crystal Energy Acquisition Ratio to 80% from 100%
  • Reduction of Crystal Energy to HP Conversion Ratio to 30% from 40%
  • Basic attack’s cooldown from 10 10-7.5 seconds to 8.5-7.5 seconds
  • Ultimate Base Damage is reduced from 400-700 to 300-500
  • Free movement of Borg when restoring Firaga Armor
  • Enhancement to Borg’s Skill 1

After closely reviewing Natalia, developers have increased her some of the skills to sustain fair gameplay. Like; the Physical Attack Bonus has been incremented from 105% to 120%.

Though Natalia has shown an increase in her skills, but Karina is not fortunate enough. Karina’s powers and skills are lowered. Her Base Damage is reduced from 180-255 to 150-225, while the ultimate Base Initial Damage is reduced from 450-750 to 350-750.

Final Hearings

In addition, Vexana’s synergy with the Undead Knight has been fixed so that the Fortune’s Wheel ability will take on the regenerative/restorative capabilities of the Undead Knight’s modified “Detrimental” healing skill.

Developer Relic Entertainment is tweaking the Sword Master, also known as the Undead Knight, with the goal of improving matchmaking between players of similar skill levels and adding some additional power for the losing team.