Gen.G Claim the Crown LCK Summer 2022 Power Rankings

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 29: Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok of T1 walks off stage after a victory by Royal Never Give Up at the League of Legends - Mid-Season Invitational Finals on May 29, 2022 in Busan, South Korea. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 29: Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok of T1 walks off stage after a victory by Royal Never Give Up at the League of Legends - Mid-Season Invitational Finals on May 29, 2022 in Busan, South Korea. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games) /

1. Gen.G(13-1)

They did it they finally did it. Gen.G defeated T1 for the first time this year fully cementing themselves as the best team in Korea. After weeks of dominating every team in the LCK, Gen.G overcame their demons defeating T1 in a very strong 2-0. This puts them back in sole possession of first place and in a very strong position with only two weeks left in the season. Gen.G looks amazing as a team right now and Ruler is putting his name in as the best player in the world right now.

2. T1(12-2)

After arguably the most dominant split ever seen in professional league of legends, T1 has looked incredibly mortal in the summer. With now two series losses and ten game losses on the split they have struggled mightily in a number of series with their bot lane being the primary spot of weakness. The hard loss to Gen.G finally settles the battle for first place but T1 should be able to finish strong with an easy week 8 schedule in preparation for a tough final week. If Guma and Keria can mirror some of their spring performance and the power that Zeus and Oner have shown this summer T1 can still challenge Gen.G for the number one seed at Worlds.

3. DWG Kia(9-5)

Damwon was supposed to be competing for the top spot in the LCK but has looked shaky all season coming to a lackluster 1-1 record from last week which saw them dropping a game to HLE and losing to a rising KT team. They have played well enough to lead to the second tier of teams in the LCK but have not shown anything to prove they deserve to sit with the big dogs in T1 and Gen.G. they have a hard week facing both Sandbox and Gen.G this week which can further cement them as a strong LCK contender.

4. Liiv SANDBOX(9-5)

Man, I love watching LSB play they are so much fun and Prince being on this team makes so much of a difference but this team still has weaknesses that were shown off this week against Nongshim. The drafting did not seem to focus on the strong points of the team putting Prince on Sivir definitely did not help and the Clozer Seraphine pick in the last game was also looking like a super weak pick. The LSB lineup has a lot of talent and potential but has shown that they struggle to perform when another team is at peak level which NS did.

5. KT Rolster(8-6)

After starting the season with five losses in the first four weeks of the split KT has only lost a single series since falling to T1 this week in a very close series. The team looks the best they have all year and a big part of that has been putting Vicla back into the starting roster who has been a much better stabling force allowing the players around him to perform much better. Aiming has also really begun to show his form as of late with Rascal continuing to be one of the best top laners in Korea. They have shown up in huge games defeating DK this week and have a lot of potential to fight for that fourth World’s spot if this continues.

6. DRX(7-7)

The fourth-best team in Spring has already lost as many games as they did the last split at seven and still has two weeks left to play, all be it against weaker competition. I was never super high on this team as I thought Pyosik is one of the worst junglers in Korea and outside of Deft they were an overall weak team. This has proven to be for the most part true. While everyone has had their moments they have struggled a lot including Deft. They have zero games remaining against the top four teams with KT the only team left with a winning record so hopefully, they can put things together before the playoffs start.

7. Kwangdong Freecs(6-8)

This team is close to the playoffs but is not really a playoff contender. The rest of the schedule sees them against three current playoff teams all of which they have failed to beat so far this split. They are the epitome of beating the bad teams and losing to the good teams. They have some good performances but as a whole look disjointed as a team. With some upgrades in the teamwork department, they could compete but until that happens they will remain in this middling spot out of the playoffs.

8. Nongshim RedForce(3-11)

By far the hardest team to rank in the LCK after last week. They beat a strong-performing LSB team looking as good as they have all season with BDD finally being able to smile. Then they close out the week losing to Fredit 2-0. It doesn’t make sense how a team with so much talent just absolutely fails to win games against teams like Fredit who have basically zero talent. NS is here instead of lower because they beat Sandbox and showed that they still have the ability to be good even if I wanna put them in last because I hate how bad they can be.

9. Hanwha Life Esports(1-13)

Have HLE only one single series this year? Yes, and did that single win come against the worst team in the LCK who now has a better record than them? Yes. They are not the worst team despite what the records say because in the series they play HLE looks so much better on a game-to-game basis. Their players actually have the potential to be good and they have taken multiple games off of the top five teams in the league. I truly believe they are a better team than Fredit and even NS at this point they just need to finally win that game two.

10. Fredit Brion(2-12)

Lord Morgan lives again with his trusty Renekton and Fredit 2-0 Nongshim beating them for the second time this year. Outside of the Lord Morgan meme, Fredit is a shell of a team that has bad drafts, bad teamwork, and bad players. They struggle to even look like a pro team against anyone outside of NS and even when they have some good showings it’s a struggle to watch as they piss away any chances of victory. This team needs to change basically everything.