LEC Summer 2022 Week 7 Day 2: The Day of Upsets Continue with Misfits and SK Gaming Finding Wins Over MAD Lions and Rogue Respectively!

I told you it was gonna be one of those days… The day of upsets continue with a top-of-the-table beatdown by the hands of Misfits and SK Gaming!

Misfits vs MAD Lions

It seems that MAD Lions have been dealt an unfortunate hand by the meta…

With the dragon update on top of the durability patch, teams are incentivized to simply pick scaling hypercarries with Ornn and simply outlast their opposition.

Hell, I think Ornn is 3-0 so far today…

While Nisqy and Elyoya were diligent in finding picks to set up an uneven fight, it was often onto a Vetheo with Zhonya’s up on the Sylas.

This meant that Neon on the Twitch was going untouched throughout the teamfight and he simply ripped the Lions apart, with so much DPS that even UNF0RGIVEN on the Zeri couldn’t keep up with.

MAD Lions should not have any problems playing a slower, front to back style – given how good UNF0RGIVEN has been throughout this year, Armut’s proficiency on tanks and Nisqy also being proficient on backline DPS mages like Cassiopeia.

It will take a bit of recalibrating, but I am not too worried about the Lions even after their 0-2 week.

MVP: Neon (3)

SK Gaming vs Rogue

The day of upsets continue as SK Gaming trounce Rogue with a monster performance of JNX’s Shyvana!

The Pantheon from Malrang did not combo effectively with Larssen’s Taliyah, which looks very sus compared to his traditional slow, scaling mages.

I have already remarked numerous times how, without Malrang’s proactivity, Rogue are still the same slow team they were in splits past and this time it was no different.

Between the Poppy that was left through the draft for Gilius finding engages and JNX running past the entire enemy team to assassinate the backline, Rogue could not offer much in terms of resistance.

Looks like Shyvana, not Gnar or Aatrox, might be the real counter to Ornn as the Forge God loses his first game of the day.

MVP: JNX (3)