LEC Summer 2022 Final Week: The Armut Jax Incident…

G2 topple frontrunning MAD Lions after the Armut Jax incident… Rogue take advantage of the free win that is this Excel lineup. 

Rogue vs Excel

Excel are in complete freefall following another uninspiring performance out of Mikyx, reminding everyone why he was kicked from G2 in the first place.

His form, as well as tanks being reintroduced into the top lane for Finn, have been primary markers as to why Excel finds themselves struggling in the latter half of the split.

They still have one of the best mid/jg duos in the league, with Markoon and Nukeduck outperforming their Rogue counterparts in the early game, but they could not find a way to snowball those early kills for Nukeduck into the rest of their team.

Larssen had himself a bounce back game on Taliyah, pairing up alongside Malrang’s Jarvan in teamfights to set up picks as well as expertly weave in some serious DPS, going Legendary this game.

Larssen has been slow to pick up the tempo-based mage that relies on map movements as opposed to his usual farm-for-late preferences, but showed up in a big way against an Excel that looks like they have reverted back to their middle of the pack status.

It’s like they say…

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

MVP: Larssen (3)

Berlin, Germany – August 12 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 8 at the LEC Studio on August 12 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

G2 vs MAD Lions: The Armut Jax Incident

Ahhhhh… Armut…

Never do I want to see you play Jax ever again…

Rooting for any team this split has been a serious exercise in frustration.

Just when they start looking good one week, they start disappointing and looking quite disjointed the next.

Even MAD Lions, the last bastion of hope amidst the sea of disappointments, have fallen prey to the lack of consistency by these LEC teams.

Granted, MAD Lions have the best excuse out of all of them; they’ve secured playoffs and a high seed, so they are free to experiment with the atrocity that is Armut trying to play Jax and getting solo killed lvl 1 by Gwen…

Jankos made sure to abuse that discrepancy and snowball off of it to give G2 a much needed win, despite UNF0RGIVEN’s best efforts to salvage the game on his Aphelios.

MVP: Jankos (3)