The LCK is the Premier League Scene

After the saddening news of the changes in the LCS and the overall look of the league being pushed to the side for Riot’s new NA darling Valorant it has been great to see that the LCK the Premier League scene has continued to grow and trend in the right directions.


This week the LCK released multiple different announcements detailing the changes for the upcoming split all of which I see as having enormous positives for the scene as a hold.

The first change is merging the challenger and main rosters to create a singular unified roster. This concept should help all rosters make more changes and allow for more up-and-coming talents the ability to play in the LCK. This will keep young players from being trapped in the challenger scene. Teams that will be near the bottom of the standings will have much more opportunity to develop and showcase new talent. This should be an overall great change for the league as a whole.

The second major change they announced was the addition of double elimination into the LCK playoffs. This is huge and should help allow the best teams in the League to win and allow much fewer flukey teams. Gone are the days of automatic finals for the first-place winners of the past and the single elimination of the last few years. Double elimination is here and should help create some of the most exciting games in the LCK. The best part means we are getting more best of five series.

The LCK has also implemented changes to the scheduling of the games and their start times. Game times are now starting at 10 P.M and 12:30 A.M PST which is a godsend for an NA-based viewer. Not only this they will now work to put prime matchups on the weekends that they will determine by previous success, storylines, and rivalries. No more mid-week T1 vs Gen.G matchups. These changes will create a great viewing environment for the whole world.

The LCK has truly cemented itself as the best scene in League of  Legends and continues to push for positive changes for both players and viewers. All of these changes are incredibly beneficial for viewers around the world and I hope the other League around the world take note.