Arena AMA: League of Legends Modes Team talks to Reddit community

Credit: Reddit r/LeagueofLegends
Credit: Reddit r/LeagueofLegends /

League of Legends’ exciting new 2v2v2v2 ‘Arena’ game mode has been out for just under a week. The Modes Team for League of Legends released an Arena AMA on Reddit, answering the community’s burning questions on the new game mode.

Arena AMA

On July 26, 10 Rioters went to Reddit to answer community questions regarding the new hit game mode for League of Legends, Arena.

The Rioters who answered questions for the Arena AMA (‘ask me anything’) on Reddit are: CptCubone, H28_G_Evo, MadnessHeroo, RiotAxes, RiotMaxw3ll, Riot_Cadmus, SS_Minnow_2017, Riot_Stashu, Riot_Riru, and RiotSakaar.

The Modes Team provided a ton of insight on the creation of the game mode, game play choices, and design choices. Furthermore, burning questions like the absence of custom lobbies, and being able to queue with more than 2 people were answered. It’s clear the Modes Team are being transparent, and putting care into their answers for the Arena AMA.

Where are the custom lobbies?

Thanks to @Spideraxe30 on Twitter, a screen grab of CptCubone answering this question, not from the Arena AMA, is provided.

Riot CptCubone explains the addition of custom lobbies, while important to the team, could not have shipped unless the team wanted to delay Arena much further. Essentially, if Arena had shipped with custom lobbies right away, Arena would have debuted more likely in late October than late July.

A tumultuous timeline

In the Arena AMA, CptCubone explains how Arena “went from greenlight to release in 6 months.” CptCubone dives into the nauseating process in creating a new game mode for League of Legends, given such a tight schedule.

The minutia CptCubone dives into is super interesting, and this comment alone is a great peak into the fast-moving design cycle League of Legends operates under.

CptCubone was happy to share the studio knew they had something hot on their hands with Arena, and supported the Arena team. No surprise given how solid the final product is already, as CptCubone excitedly shared his enthusiasm for how well the Arena team did.