Is League of Legends 2 in Development?

Credit: Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games /

League of Legends is nearly a decade and a half old, which is incredible. Is League of Legends 2 in development, or, is Riot Games sticking to League of Legends’ current patch cycle?

The short answer: no, League of Legends 2 is not in development. Despite this, it would be fun to speculate how Riot would handle a second entry, if at all, in the world famous League of Legends franchise.

League of Legends 2

With the wild success of League of Legends, the prospect of a League of Legends 2 would surely fire up both the LoL community and the general gaming community.

According to’s comprehensive report on League of Legends’ revenue, player statistics, and more, League of Legends made $1.8 billion in 2022. Activeplayerio’s report was completed on public data, not Riot’s data, and figures may not be fully accurate.

While creating a “2” in a series undoubtedly draws in hype, Riot Games could risk alienating their “League of Legends” fanbase if the second entry had significant changes from the first.

Without a doubt the most significant reason a sequel to League of Legends would not happen, is Riot simply has too much on their plate at the moment. Riot Games has the five currently online multiplayer games, as well as a planned fighting game, an MMO, and an ARPG.

Changes to League

Pivoting to a second entry in an online-multiplayer game presents itself with many challenges.

With a second entry in a series, developers would want to outdo themselves in some ways than they did with the first. Graphical tech upgrades, new gameplay systems, new characters, etc.

Upgrading the graphics of League of Legends could potentially alienate the player-base who comfortably plays League of Legends on super low-end hardware. Similar to World of Warcraft, one appeal for gamers with League of Legends is the low barrier to entry in terms of system hardware.

Of course, new people may come in if League of Legends 2 looks flashy, but Riot would more than likely be turning away more active players than gaining if a new coat of paint were to be thrown on League of Legends 2.

While not necessarily true, it’s likely at least one new gameplay system would be introduced to League of Legends 2. A player-base who has gotten used to the traditional set-up of League may be turned away from such stark changes – if Riot were to go the route of introducing gameplay system changes.

If the hypothetical system change(s) were well done, there may be new players brought in, or old ones returning. Similar to a graphics change, it’s unlikely a system change would do too much to bring in new players.

New characters added to the roster on account of a second entry is always something to drive hype, and would very likely be positive across the board. Just about every League of Legends player would be excited about a new champion, and a League of Legends 2 could be the opportunity to add more than one at a time.

Learning from Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is currently the redheaded stepchild of popular multiplayer games. Review-bombed on Steam, general player base dissatisfied with the removal of loot boxes, and a cancelled single-player gamemode, it’s safe to say Blizzard has hit a few bumps in the road.

If a League of Legends 2 were to release, Riot could look to the successes and failures of Overwatch 2, and plan their sequel accordingly.

While the prospect of a League of Legends 2 sounds exciting, there are too many factors pointing in the direction of a second entry not happening anytime soon.

Expect a World of Warcraft 2 before we get a League of Legends 2.