Immortal Journey Sona: Skin Release Date, Splash Art, Price

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Immortal Journey Sona is the newest League of Legends skin to have a prestige edition released alongside with it – both editions look fantastic.

Immortal Journey Sona – Release Date

Along with the release of Patch 13.16, which came out on August 16, Immortal Journey Sona, and the prestige edition of the skin, were released.

You can purchase Sona’s new skin, along with every other skin from this newly released skin-line on the shop right now!

Immortal Journey Sona – Splash Art

immortal journey sona
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Along with the default splash art, here is the splash art for the Prestige Edition.

immortal journey sona
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Immortal Journey Sona – Price

For the base version of her skin, you can pick it up for 1350 RP on the shop.

If you have some Mythic Essence you are willing to spend, pickup the Prestige Edition of this skin for 125 Mythic Essence in the Mythic Shop. If you’re more of a Taliyah fan though, save your essence in anticipation for Crystalis Motus Taliyah, very likely to release on Patch 13.18.

The Immortal Journey skin-line has already been well received among players, with a nice batch of skins being released for all sorts of champions.

A champion like Shyvana, who had only seen two skins in six years, finally got some love under the Immortal Journey skin-line.